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Combine War Toys



- HTC Vive (with 2 Vive Controllers)
- Oculus CV1 with Touch (Special Thanks Testing Support : 黃阿虎)
[How to Play]

This is a Strategy-base game about toys fighting on the table . Using your hands , combining parts on the workspace to build  complete toys , and then throw them into the war . There are many kinds of toys and each of them havs different abilities . Throw them in the best way , defense our headquarter and destory enemy force to win the war .

これは机の上に起これたおもちゃ軍団達の戦争である、でもプレイヤーの仕事は直接に戦車たちを操作ではなく、後方支援者としておもちゃパーツを戦車に組み合わせ、戦場に提供すること。戦車は種類による違い能力と特長がある、タイミングと場所を合わせて最も適した戦車を投げて、司令部を守て、敵を蹴散らせ 、勝利を手に入りましょう!

Demo Version has removed , will come back soon after Early Access start !

[Press Kit]


- 2017 數位內容產品獎「最佳虛擬實境遊戲」
- 2017 數位內容產品獎「最佳企劃獎」
- 2018 高雄遊戲週 Game on Weekend 「BEST OF FUNTECH 互動體驗獎」

[Media Reviews]


  • 1.66
    Version for Tokyo Game Show 2017 demo booth.
    New feature now all units can use any turrets combine to the top.
    Japanese Title Scene.
    Special limition Wall for 100cm booth width.
    Fixed table height for 90cm booth height.
    Fixed table distance for 150cm booth playing space.

  • 1.63
    Version for Digital Taipei 2017 demo booth.
    Now you can grab units nearby as a handy gun.
    Add score window when finish game.

  • 1.51
    Version for TGDF 2017 Taipei Indie Space demo booth.
    New game rule with buying system.
    Add 3 new unites.

  • 1.10
    Fix HP info update bug and some how add performance

  • 1.09
    Now will show HP info (have a small bug will fix soon)

  • 1.08
    Rewrite whole combine fuction

  • 1.07
    Update to SteamVR 1.2.1

  • 1.06
    Mini Map

  • 1.05
    Update to SteamVR 1.2.0

  • 1.04
    Change direction of the parts on table to hint how to combine them.
    Make air walls that avoid parts fly too far.
    Remove unused asset "RT-Voice" whitch may case virus warning when downloading from google drive.

  • 1.03
    Title stage now can modify playing area between your room setting.
    Turn off touchpad debug function.
    Make some shadow effect to plug-holes of combine parts.

  • 1.02
    Wave will not start until player throw or push button.

  • 1.01
    Fix restart function and change some rules.

  • 1.0
    First playable release

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